Marbled Oval Bracelet


      Marbled bracelet with center oval


      Marbled bracelet with center oval

      Weight 1 oz
      Marbl'd™ Color Scheme

      1. Light Tan/Taupe/Grey/Brown, 2. Black/White/Grey/Cream, 3. Multicolor Bright/Dark, 4. Dark Grey w/ Spot Color, 5. Multicolor Light, 6. Purples/Lavender, 7. Pink/Salmon/Peach, 8. Aqua/Orange/Peach, 9. Green, 10. Light Tan/Blue/Grey, 11. Blue/Black/Cream/White, 12. Hot Pink, 13. Green/Purple/Blue, 14. Red, 15. Agate/Equine, 16. Gold/Yellow, 17. Cream, 18. Powder Blue

      Clasp Type

      Shiny Silver


      Shiny Silver

      Wrist Size (in.)

      10, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5

      Ordering Information

      Marbled Color Schemes: Photos are representative only. Please select the color scheme that you would like. I will email marbled leather pieces in stock to choose from.
      Bracelet Sizing: Please measure your wrist accurately with a measuring tape. Or, take a string or strip of paper and mark where the pieces meet and measure with a ruler. It is VERY important to get an accurate measurement for the horse head bracelets, as they have to fit snuggly to stay attached.
      Zamak: Zamak is a family of alloys with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminium, magnesium, and copper. Zamak is also tarnish resistant and anti-allergic, the proper cleaning and storage allows you to have beautiful looking jewelry for years to come.
      Timing: Most items will ship within a week. However, with marbled items since each piece is one-of-a-kind, some color schemes may not be immediately available. In this case, I will communicate that it may take a bit longer to ship the order.

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